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I would like to take the time to express my happiness at not having an 8 ft tall football player shape in SL…being of a tinier ilk allows me to play around with alot of clothing. Here’s a mish-mash of things I threw together, once again inspired by the weather outside of my RL door. […]



Just a little look I threw together while wandering aimlessly through SL! I was excited to find the King for men shop, as I had not previously been there. They have some interesting stuff worth checking out, like this jacket I’m wearing that comes in a few different colors. I chose white…I’m not sure why […]

I’m Canadian, and if there’s one thing most Canadians love, it’s a coffee shop called Tim Horton’s. There’s one on every corner it seems, and no one complains lol. This outfit reminded me of something I would wear on a Sunday morning jaunt to Timmies, looking put together but relaxed and casual at the same […]

Lookit me zippin’ around town on my scooter. I’m off to the library, can’tcha tell? With my bag full of books and writing utensils…I’m just so studious lol. Thought this was cute, hope you like it. ^_^ Shirt/Jacket – Rooster – Alley walker Jacket green Pants – Grandma – R&B check pants Shoes – Urban […]



In my last post, you might have noticed I wore a shirt from a shop called Onenine, maybe not lol…but I did, and after blogging I decided to go check out their wares again. I was struck right away by their veritable wall of freebies, and this leather jacket caught my eye. It’s unisex, it’s […]

It may be Autumn for alot of us, and as much as I love the season and the clothes it brings, I wanted to slap a pop of bright color into my day. That would explain the pink sleeveless hoodie and green armwarmers. And, since I am sans jacket, I need some kind of carrying […]

Urban Wanderer


My first post has a little tale to accompany it…I mapped my good friend Uma Ceawlin, authoress of the amazing McToastface blog (see blogroll) and found her afk in a little shack of a shop I had never seen before. After slapping her a couple of times I decided to mosey about and check the […]