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You can dress me up (sorta), but you can’t take me anywhere! In my RL, if I have to ‘dress up’, this is pretty much the extent I go to. And it’s no different for me in-world. There’s something inside me that just shies away from suits, ‘nice’ shoes and that sort of thing…I think […]



Color, color, color…and bright at that. I’m not sure there’s much else to say about this post lol…I really like this combination and I’m pretty sure it speaks for itself. ^_^ Jacket – Arai – Leather Jacket blue Shirt – Arai – Madras shirt yellow Pants – Marinesta – 1985 pants red Shoes – Soreal […]

Hiya! This is what I am wearing today, which actually sprung from looking for a pea coat at Bombon…but I came away with this sweatervest/shirt combo instead. And I’m including a pic of the En Svale pea coat, cuz it’s hot. ^_^ Coat – En Svale – Pea coat male Sweatervest/Shirt – Bombon – blouse […]



Sooo I guess my last post was sort of a taunt to the snow…because it has arrived! At least in my part of the globe. So I must remember to cover up and look interesting doing it! (notice I didn’t say ‘good’, it’s all about the unconventional lol) Hair – Zero Style – Sheila walnut […]

We were having sort of an ‘indian autumn’ here, the warm weather lingering for a while longer. It wasn’t until I stepped out my door today and saw some frost that it really sunk in that winter is more than on it’s way. This outfit is sort of a dedication to that warm weather…I want […]



Sweater – Aura – Rome sweater brown Shirt – Muism – tank top black Pants – Dutch Touch – part of Wezzi outfit Shoes – ]monogrind[ – toxic waste shoes Gloves – Clobber – Fingerless stitched padded gloves Necklace – Valiant – Cross bead necklace Sunglasses – Naima – Naimatrix glasses (freebie)

K soooo…I was playing around with my inventory the other day after a trip to MMS to try on some hair. (I would like to thank SL and the amazing hair creators for making that previous phrase¬†possible lol) After purchasing the Tilda hair (shout out to Madame Swinton) I slapped this cardigan on and immediately […]