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Happy New Year, everyone…and however you spend your night tonight, I wish you all happiness and health and good luck and all that stuff in the upcoming 12 months! ^_^ Today I happened upon the new Argrace ‘Joy’ coat and immediately nabbed it…(although choosing just one color was rough)…I thought it would go great with […]

3 Good Reasons!


Reason #1 – I have been busy posting SLurl’s to the shops featured in my blog in the links section…down and to the right! *points* I am not finished yet but will be soon and promise to keep them as up to date as I can. ^_^ Reason #2 – These jackets from Bombon/GriGri woooooow…go […]

…since my last entry, so I thought I would ease back into blogging. I’m also not feeling that great, and this is a wonderful distraction at the moment hehe. So! Since I displayed the awesome AC Studios jeans in the previous post, I decided to make use of the top in this one. I thought […]

This post is almost completely dedicated to some gifts I got from a very good friend! She has great taste in clothes, and knows how to make anyone look fab. The coat and boots were the gifts, and the rest was pretty random. I had been wearing the relatively new Midnight outfit by AC Store […]



It would appear Creator’s Pavillion is having another little bazaar on it’s grounds. I received a notice from the Arai group showcasing a couple of new items and immediately checked them out. When I tp’d in, I was amidst people and little display tables holding some of the resident designer’s latest items. I picked up […]

This outfit is pretty multi-functional and to be frank, generic in some ways. I was trying to think of a clever title for this post, but nothing really jumped out at me. This isn’t a suit/formal, this isn’t a themed get-up/costume, this isn’t trying to be something it isn’t…it’s a casual outfit that you could […]



This post was completely inspired by the awesome pants pictured here. First off, it was difficult to choose a color to buy..there’s plenty of options. I settled on gray, I figured it would give me alot of room to play with what I already have in my inventory. And I was right. I spent almost […]