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Name this post!


I find I have trouble naming my posts sometimes…particularly when it pertains to a certain style, look or era. Maybe you don’t agree with what I think of it, and I’m not a fashion dictator nor do I want to be. On that note, I’d like to remind all of my faithful readers/perusers that this […]

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I’d like to think, as a blogger of fashions that make their way onto the Second Life grid, that I know most of the good shops and good malls etc. But I love love love when I am proven wrong! This is what happened a couple […]

Colourful Dice


I happened across the fun and vibrant clothes by Roll the Dice, and I really like them. I mixed and matched a few pieces in this photo, but pretty much everything except the shoes are from there (clothing-wise). Even if this isn’t your style, I suggest stopping by the main shop (SLurl provided on the […]

…I name this post thusly because I won’t be wearing this all day. I change clothes fairly often…sometimes too often. And really, there is nothing shockingly new here…just a mash up of things I thought looked good together! Although the [BUKKA] boots are a recent purchase for me, I’m pretty sure eveything else has been […]



First thing, I apologize for this pic…SL seemed to want to make my snapshots extra pixelly today, and I corrected as best I could hehe. But anyhow…I was running around SL today with Uma lookin’ like a hot mess and we ended up at Calmera. I hadn’t been there since I picked up the freebie […]



I’ve been meaning to post this look for a bit now, but what really kicked my butt into doing it was receiving this Pocky t-shirt from Toastface. The color was perfect for the outfit as well as the design on it. Now that we’re in the dead of winter, this makes me look forward to […]



This post is pretty simple, so i won’t fluff it up with all kinds of text (I seem to be good at that). These are just a few items I’ve picked up recently. Some new, some not so new…but I think they warranted a little showcasing! Enjoy! ^_^ PS the shirt on the bottom photo […]