I’ve been meaning to post this look for a bit now, but what really kicked my butt into doing it was receiving this Pocky t-shirt from Toastface. The color was perfect for the outfit as well as the design on it. Now that we’re in the dead of winter, this makes me look forward to springtime. I look a bit like an Easter egg, no? lol  Enjoy! ^_^



Cardigan – **DP**YUMYUM – sweat

Shirt – Toastface – Pocky grey

Pants – Redgrave – Pants Casual Style Plum

Shoes – [ Hoorenbeek ] – Woman – SuperStar – White/Beige/Pink (scripted resizing)

Band-aid – Kyoko Couture – KC* girls bandaid (B)


4 Responses to “Candycolors”

  1. no, you look yummiiii!! *puts a ring on it* omg, I’m slightly obsessed with this song, and, I love pink on you! ^^

  2. loves the lollypop!! ^^

  3. 3 stokki

    LOL you ARE obsessed! ❤ but that’s oki, and yes, pink is lovely to wear 🙂

  4. 4 Jhaxam

    Heh, I’m digging it. Made me want to run out and buy me some candy ^^

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