First thing, I apologize for this pic…SL seemed to want to make my snapshots extra pixelly today, and I corrected as best I could hehe. But anyhow…I was running around SL today with Uma lookin’ like a hot mess and we ended up at Calmera. I hadn’t been there since I picked up the freebie shirt I posted a bit ago, so I wanted to go back and have a good look around. I ended up grabbing this cardigan/shirt, and it just so happened to go great with the rest of what I was wearing. Just goes to show, you could be all messed up but it might only take one small change to make it all come together.


Cardigan/Shirt – *Calmera* – Nit Parka_black

Pants – Bazaar – Rock Stripes

Shoes – Kalnins – Gallop v1.2

BODY – I’ll add this every few posts as I tend to wear the same things usually…like if my skin or hair isn’t listed in a post, chances are I have already listed it recently ^_^

Hair – Gritty Kitty – Barista Ash

Eyes – Roosters – Blue Eyes 4

Skin – ::eXceSs:: – MAN, Androgyne :: TEA :: Clean :: B-00


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