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I think the title says it all! I’m not sure why one would need condoms on a coffee run, but I guess A) you never know what might happen and B) the back pocket of these pants needed to be showcased lol. Also, this M.R.M. Factory coat/sweater combo comes in many different cities…I just happened […]

What a clever title, hmm? >_> aaaaaanyways…. A little history about this post : I think it was just over a year ago when I met Sawyer and Moonaco at Armidi while shopping randomly. We commenced a flustered flurry of compliments about each other’s style and what we wearing and yadda yadda…bunch of ego stroking, […]

Primary colors! (mostly lol) New scarves from Armidi as well, check ’em out. ^_^ Jacket – := Mikan YA * BrattyPuppy =: – Stand neck Jacket -checkP- Blue Pants – Armidi – Low Rise Chinos yellow Shoes – [ hoorenbeek ] – Woman Docker Shoes red leather (resize scripts are a blessing) Scarf – Armidi […]

One day off


I finally get to post about these shorts and this wonderful fannypack! (yes I have a fannypack obsession, don’t ask lol.) A while ago, I saw SUPERSTAR DJ and all around good-time gal xSaraho Mornington sporting this fannypack…and just recently I finally tied her up and tickle tortured her into telling me where she got […]

About a month ago, my good friend and fellow fashion blogger, Esme Milena (link to her blog in my blogroll <3) told me to try massimo!’s new men’s boots, as she loved them but they were waaaay too big for her and no modify. I did so, and discovered they were waaaaay too big for […]



Well, it’s now officially January 2nd where I am on the globe. This means the holidays are over for me, and with it comes some small sense of relief. Back to normal…whatever that is. But, it doesn’t mean that winter is over…especially here in Canada! These sweaters caught my eye at Barerose yesterday. Not only […]