Feelin’ bloo


This post is kinda sorta dedicated to my pal Uma Ceawlin…for a few reasons. One, she introduced me to the cardigan I’m wearing and I love it…I have all three colors, I think hehe…two, I’m wearing one of her tees…and three, she’s about to embark on a trip in RL…I’ll be bloo from missing her! (plus she is nervous about flying so please wish her luck!) On a less personal note, I think this outfit is cute and fitting for spring. The backpack was a win from the lucky board at Calmera, even though it’s for sale at Arai with the full texture change option. Enjoy! ^_^ (and good luck Uma!!! muah!)


(I had a hard time with the white background to show the texture on the dark pants, so here’s another pic!)


Hair – Magika – Inga Blonde D

Cardigan – +*+Laba-Laba+*+ – Border cardigan  (white / Blue)

Shirt – Toastface – Be My Valentine pink

Jeans/Socks – /artilleri/ – jonas jeans

Shoes – Akeyo – Chucks

Backpack – *Calmera* – Rucksack_LB


3 Responses to “Feelin’ bloo”

  1. 1 stella

    Do you have a slurl for calmera?

  2. 2 stella

    nvm!! just saw it on your slurl sidebar thingy 😀

  3. omg, stokkiiiiiiiii!! I love you!..awww for everything.. but I still need your positive energies!!! *cross fingers and think of me?*
    also, that cardigan rocks and guys should get it!!! I ❤ the whole outfit but I love your words more.
    MUAHS booboo!

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