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You tell me…


…what you think about this outfit. It inspires a few different concepts for me, but as always I like to let you decide for yourself. Check it out. ^_^ BODY Skin –  !SIGZ: OCEAN (BEACHPALE) Shaved Hair – Gritty Kitty – ASH Kinder Eyes – [ENDEAVOR] – Shiny eyes 3 Navy Blue (slim) Ears – […]

Call me curious


*Curiosity* is pretty much one of my favorite shops. Anywhere you can get a pack of jeans with 6 different washes and 3 different prim cuff options for 450L is good by me. This is some of their brand-spanking new stuff. I feel you should go have a look! ^_^ BODY Skin –  !SIGZ: OCEAN […]

Old Town


Back again! And look at these lovely goodies I’ve procured! There’s stories to go along with each, but I’ll spare you the boring details and my own time…just look, enjoy and shop! SLurl’s to come soon! Peace out. ^_^ BODY Skin –  !SIGZ: OCEAN (BEACHPALE) Shaved Hair – [kik] hair – Mai (blond) Eyes – [ENDEAVOR] […]

Well hi there!


Newness at Mikan Ya…liked them so much I bought two! Enjoy! ^_^ BODY Skin –  !SIGZ: OCEAN (BEACHPALE) Shaved Hair – Uncleweb – Serafim-Hair  chamois Eyes – [ENDEAVOR] – Shiny eyes 3 Navy Blue (slim) Ears – [Plastik] – Common Elven Ears- Plain Shape – my own CLOTHING Shirt(s) – :=MYA=: (Mikan-Ya) – Half jacket […]

The Indie Rock for RFL event is still happening, guys! But it ends soon! So far it’s been great fun, and the best is yet to come. A date auction with some of your favorite infamous SL-ers is happening today at 7pm SL time, and the item auction is still looming! That usually draws quite […]

I am super stoked (no pun intended)! Indie Rock for RFL’s event will be commencing tomorrow at 11 am SL time! Round the clock tunes, the auction, the rides, the incredible items for sale…it’s got something for everyone. Our fearless team leader, Violet Morellet, really busted it out this year and it’s looking to be […]

Ok ok…I am tired and half-asleep but I had to post this look. These new shorts from Adjunct inspired the entire outfit, which to me screams late 70’s early 80’s. I wish I had prim muttonchops and a mullet to go with it just for flair. This wig does nicely as well though hehe. Enjoy! ^_^ […]