on Laika :

Skin – Sacred

Hair – Philotic Energy

Facial hair/’burns – Antebellum

Jacket/Shirt – Hasendow

Pants – en Svale

Boots – Shelly Laufer

Tie – Dionysia Designs

Gloves – WMD

on Stokely :

Skin – Muism

Hair – CheerNo

Jacket – Iruco

Shirt – Muwu

Pants – Niniko

Boots – Adjunct

Gloves – CheerNo





Skin – Muism

Hair – Cubic Effect

Eyes – Roosters

Facial Hair – Antebellum

Jacket – Arai

Shirt – Marble

Pants – Ivalde

Boots – Picnic

Hat – CheerNo




Skin – Muism

Eyes – Roosters

Hair – Dura

Inner top  – Young Urban

Outer top/belt  – Mr. Poet

Shorts – Valiant

Leggings/socks – Duboo

Boots – Monogrind

Glasses – Alphavillain

Mitts – Reek

Poses – dismorph




Well well well…almost one year later and I’ve returned to continue the exact same blog as before! I guess you never know what the future will bring, I thought I would never blog again! At least about SL clothing. But, like it or lump it, here I am!

The blog itself needs alot of work, so bear with me while I update SLurl’s and generally try to make it a little more presentable. Also, my basic photos of yesteryear need alot of work and I haven’t had time to hone any photoshopping skills. So you’ll probably see me experiment with some different styles/layouts until I get my stride.


Skin – Muism

Hair-  MADesigns

Eyes – Roosters

Coat – Maknie

Shirt – Alphavillain (50L Fridays)

Turtleneck – Armidi

Cords – Doppleganger Inc.

Boots – Saikin

Glasses – Alphavillain (50L Friday)

Bag – LeLutka

Poses – Del May + PDA


Ciao, darlings.


After much deliberation and thought, I have decided to end this blog. Some of you may want to hear that there was an unseemly incident or drama that made this decision happen, but really, there was none. The entirety of my time spent blogging has been nothing but positive. Which may raise the question : then why stop?

There is a bevy of reasons I can give you. But none hold so much weight as I feel I have hit a road block. I love styling and clothes and all that stuff, but after so much time doing something like this, you need a break. I can’t style my sassy little pixels and document them forever, right? So, basically I believe it’s time for me to move on to new horizons, whether they be Second Life fashion-related or not.

I’d like to thank every single reader/peruser that has stopped by and enjoyed my little blog. I love feedback, bad or good, and the response has been pretty overwhelming for me. My main objective has always been to push the envelope a little, be myself and post only what I genuinely liked…and I think I stayed true to that. Granted, some posts I look back at and say ‘what was I thinking?’ lol but overall, I really like what I have done. I hope some people were inspired to try something new and even change their outlooks on fashion in an online world (hell, even in the real world hehe). So, my sincerest thanks to one and all. You’ve made this quite the enjoyable experience! ❤

Over the last year and a half, I have seen some amazing bloggers and designers come and go. This blog has afforded me the opportunity to meet many of them and even become friends with a few. To all of you, I also extend my thanks for making this all possible and for making it such fun. Keep up the amazing work! I’ll still be shopping and still be reading all of your blogs hehe.

In conclusion, I am looking forward to what the future holds. I’d like to expand my creative horizons in Second Life, so this might not be the last you hear of me.

Peace and love,

Stokely Mayfair

so what?


Skin – Den Dou

Shape – my own

Hair – LeLutka

Jacket – Scars

Shirt – Connors

Jeans – Armidi

Boots – Armidi

Sunglasses – CheerNo

Poses – Penny Dreadful Arcade



Here are just a couple of the items available for purchase from which all proceeds are donated to Haiti Relief. There are some great skyboxes and prefabs, poses, some great tops, shapes…lots of stuff! Even if you don’t like anything enough to buy it, be a dear and go drop off a few linden dollars into the donation box. Every little bit counts! ❤

Necklace by Epoque (Vintage McMillan)

Tshirt by The Habitat (Till Hapmouche)

Taxi to the location with all kinds of goods for sale and donation box