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Back to…blue?


Here are some things I have picked up over the last few weeks all mashed together. I really like the AC Store jacket (even though I had trouble fitting it, yes I’m special) and the shorts from sey. Also the shoes are from a shop I had never been to before, =PARX=. I think they […]



As far as a look goes, I’m pretty sure this speaks for itself. But, let’s break it down to the pieces. The hair is relatively new from ::eXceSs:: and it’s great! The shirt I’ve had for many a year (lol) and to be honest I’m not even sure if it’s available anymore, but I love […]

Checking In


There isn’t much I can say about this outfit that isn’t already apparent. It’s my style to a tee…or whatever that expression is lol. The only concern I would have to voice would be if a male avatar with a larger shape than mine¬†wanted to buy this jacket. The prim IS scripted for resize, but […]

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I’d like to think, as a blogger of fashions that make their way onto the Second Life grid, that I know most of the good shops and good malls etc. But I love love love when I am proven wrong! This is what happened a couple […]

Primary colors! (mostly lol) New scarves from Armidi as well, check ’em out. ^_^ Jacket – := Mikan YA * BrattyPuppy =: – Stand neck Jacket -checkP- Blue Pants – Armidi – Low Rise Chinos yellow Shoes – [ hoorenbeek ] – Woman Docker Shoes red leather (resize scripts are a blessing) Scarf – Armidi […]

About a month ago, my good friend and fellow fashion blogger, Esme Milena (link to her blog in my blogroll <3) told me to try massimo!’s new men’s boots, as she loved them but they were waaaay too big for her and no modify. I did so, and discovered they were waaaaay too big for […]

This post is almost completely dedicated to some gifts I got from a very good friend! She has great taste in clothes, and knows how to make anyone look fab. The coat and boots were the gifts, and the rest was pretty random. I had been wearing the relatively new Midnight outfit by AC Store […]