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Feelin’ bloo


This post is kinda sorta dedicated to my pal Uma Ceawlin…for a¬†few reasons. One, she introduced me to the cardigan I’m wearing and I love it…I have all three colors, I think hehe…two, I’m wearing one of her tees…and three, she’s about to embark on a trip in RL…I’ll be bloo from missing her! (plus […]



I’ve been meaning to post this look for a bit now, but what really kicked my butt into doing it was receiving this Pocky t-shirt from Toastface. The color was perfect for the outfit as well as the design on it. Now that we’re in the dead of winter, this makes me look forward to […]

K soooo…I was playing around with my inventory the other day after a trip to MMS to try on some hair. (I would like to thank SL and the amazing hair creators for making that previous phrase¬†possible lol) After purchasing the Tilda hair (shout out to Madame Swinton) I slapped this cardigan on and immediately […]