Name this post!


I find I have trouble naming my posts sometimes…particularly when it pertains to a certain style, look or era. Maybe you don’t agree with what I think of it, and I’m not a fashion dictator nor do I want to be. On that note, I’d like to remind all of my faithful readers/perusers that this blog is just for fun. I don’t aspire to great style heights or get freebies all the time. And I definitely don’t want to tell you how to dress your avatar hehe…but I would like to show you options and items that you might not have considered before. That’s why I blog and I would like to thank each and every visitor I’ve had over the last few months! I hope you’ve enjoyed it and will continue to do so. ❤

Lookit me blabbin…oh yeah, oufit here! I’m in love with the Twosome cardigans! ^_^


Cardigan – Twosome – Coquito Cardigan blue

Shirt – )) HANAUTA (( -c- Layered Shirt

Pants – [SC] – Retro STYYYYYLIN’ Pants Pleated – Gold

Shoes – AKEYO – Cora shoes


2 Responses to “Name this post!”

  1. 1 Aris!

    The name of this post… ummm… Orange Juicy?

  2. 2 Chopper

    or… Juicy Orange.

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